The Equality Act Review Campaign was born out of Dr Suriyah Bi’s personal experience navigating the employment tribunals singlehandedly,  after being unfairly dismissed for raising a concern about young children being shown graphic footage of 9/11, which preceded with an 18-rating caution message. Her concern was taken to be a “Muslim issue”; however, though Suriyah won her unfair dismissal, whistleblowing, and victimisation claims in 2017, her case remains ongoing as the religious discrimination portion was rejected. She has written about her experience from an auto-ethnographic perspective in the Journal of Muslims in Europe.

Dr Suriyah Bi

Founder & Chief Executive

Suriyah Bi obtained her PhD from UCL and Yale University, and now works as a lecturer at SOAS, University of London. Critically, her experience with the Equality Act 2010 through fighting her case in employment tribunals, opened her eyes to the legislation's other shortcomings, inspiring her to grow the Campaign into a formidable grassroots effort comprising three SOAS MA students with Suriyah at the helm. Together they believe that the Equality Act needs to be strengthened, and the Campaign is now working together with Members of Parliament and various stakeholder organisations to turn a mandatory review of the Equality Act 2010, into a reality.

Anisa Mahmood

Chief Communications Officer

Anisa Mahmood ​is ​a Parliamentary Researcher and advisor. She completed her BA (Hons) in Politics at University College London. Her research primarily focuses on human rights, foreign policy, Islamophobia and, race and discrimination. During her time in Parliament, Anisa has assisted with the Committee stage of the Counter Extremism and Security Bill, organised human rights campaigns, set up a Youth Leadership Programme and helped found the Equality Act Review Campaign, which has received widespread support from senior parliamentarians.


Working for the former Immigration Minister, she helped hold the Government to account during the Windrush scandal and challenged the Government's hostile environment.  It is with this experience and passion that drives her work on the Equality Act Review, which must strive to protect all in society. 


Gabriela Alvarez

Communications Officer & Researcher

Gabriela Alvarez is currently studying her MA in Migration and Diaspora Studies at SOAS, University of London. After spending time in Egypt working with Sub Saharan refugees, she came to have a new understanding of the discrimination and inequalities that refugees face daily in host countries. Her research centres on gender discrimination and violence against refugees in urban areas. The Equality Act Review Campaign represents for her a unique and enriching experience to make a change and advocate for all those vulnerable people, refugees, and migrants undergoing injustices and discrimination in the UK.

Claudia Mullholland

Research and Policy Assistant

Claudia has recently graduated from Durham University with a BA in Politics, and is currently studying for her MA in Migration and Diaspora Studies at SOAS, University of London. Her research interests include international student migration, transnationalism in the digital age, and diaspora diplomacy. Claudia is very excited to be joining the Equality Act Review and to contribute to its important work advocating for the protection and representation of those that are subject to systemic discrimination in our society.