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The Equality Act Review Campaign was born out of Dr Suriyah Bi’s personal experience navigating the employment tribunals singlehandedly,  after being unfairly dismissed for raising a concern about young children being shown graphic footage of 9/11, which preceded with an 18-rating caution message. Her concern was taken to be a “Muslim issue”; however, though Suriyah won her unfair dismissal, whistleblowing, and victimisation claims in 2017, her case remains ongoing as the religious discrimination portion was rejected. She has written about her experience from an auto-ethnographic perspective in the Journal of Muslims in Europe.

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Dr Suriyah Bi

Founder & Chief Executive

Suriyah Bi obtained her BA from Magdalen College, University of Oxford, her MA from SOAS University of London, and her PhD from UCL, the final year of which was completed at Yale. She now works as a lecturer at the University of Oxford. Critically, her experience with the Equality Act 2010 through fighting her case in employment tribunals since 2015, has provided her insights to the legislation's other shortcomings, inspiring her to grow the Campaign into a formidable grassroots effort to strengthen the Equality Act. 


Olivia Allison

Researcher and Policy Analyst

Olivia is currently studying for her MSc in Global Mental Health and Society at the University of Edinburgh. She completed her BS in Psychology and Globalization Studies at the Ohio State University, then went on to work as a medical case manager supporting individuals experiencing housing insecurity and comorbid mental health diagnoses. Her research interests include the intersection of psychology and law, inequalities and discrimination experienced by individuals without stable housing and complex mental health diagnoses, along with the cycle of trauma and formation of resilience. Olivia is honored to join the Equality Act Review and hopes to use this opportunity to approach the policies associated with the inequalities she has witnessed within her fieldwork to advocate for change and support.


Rebekah Clark

Researcher and Policy Analyst

Rebekah has recently graduated from the University of Liverpool with a BA in Geography, and is currently studying for her MA in Migration and Diaspora Studies at SOAS, University of London. Her research interests include the media representations of migrants, UK immigration policy, and the lived experience of those seeking refuge within ‘Fortress Europe’. Rebekah is delighted to be joining the Equality Act Review, and for the opportunity to help amplify the conversation around equal protections for those that are subject to systemic discrimination.

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