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Ofqual consultation on exceptional arrangements for exam grading and assessment in 2020 - Evidence submission  

May 2020


We made Ofqual aware of our study, which is the first and only research currently being conducted into the concerns of young people and their parents/guardians regarding the government’s decision to predict grades, in light of the exam cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic. This study has been conducted in partnership with Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, Afzal Khan MP.  As of 28th April 2020, the study has received 750 survey responses, potentially representing over 50,000 students. We urged Ofqual to await these results, which are due to be published mid-May before finalising arrangements.


This data we argue, it is paramount that the government and relevant bodies such as Ofqual take the voices at the heart of the research into consideration.


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