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Predicting Futures

Examining Student Concerns Amidst Coronavirus Exam Cancellations

June 2020

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Our report "Predicting Futures: Analysing Student Concerns Amidst Coronavirus Exam Cancellations”, is based on a study conducted in partnership with Afzal Khan MP.  The study received over 800 responses and is the first study that centres the voices of young people and their families.


To download the report click here.


Our report was featured on ITV news on 17th June where some of our key findings were reported. These include: 


  • 80% of students were concerned about their grades being predicted.

  • 85% of respondents were from BAME backgrounds.

  • 22.9% of the respondents expressed that they were worried about anti-BAME bias.

  • Bias concerns extend beyond BAME identity to bad behaviour, favouritism, class, Islamophobia and learning style.

  • Over 50% of students expressed concern about their learning style, namely that they work harder under pressure and have made progress since their mock exams, which is not accounted for by a predicted grade.

  • The current grade predictions system does not account for learning style, mitigating circumstances or BAME bias.

  • 80% of respondents were concerned about their future education and employment prospects.

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