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Empowered Employment:

Unlocking the Workplace for Muslim Women

February 2020

This report by our founder, Dr Suriyah Bi, explores Muslim women’s experiences of work and career development in the UK. It is considered the largest and most comprehensive report to be conducted on this topic. The project aimed to better understand potential challenges that may be prohibiting Muslim women and how they might be mitigated in the future, as well as positive factors that may be assisting Muslim women’s development, which could then be amplified. It is hoped that the research project facilitates positive and tangible social change for British Muslim women.​


The report was launched by Dr Bi in Parliament in February 2020. Special guests such as Baroness Helena Kennedy (Labour member of the House of Lords), Afzal Khan MP (Shadow Foreign Minister), Dr Samina Khan (University of Oxford), Rusakana Bhaijee (Senior Manager of Diversity and Inclusion at Ernest & Young), and Khadijah Katun (Muslim Women Connect) were part of the discussion panel which took place at the launch event.



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